HITMAN CHALLENGE is one of the first sprint obstacle races ever created. Set up on one large, open parking lot, the course spans less than a one mile distance but it's jam-packed with obstacles and challenges back to back to back.  You'll run through over 12 obstacles testing every aspect of your fitness levels and then finish with a 1/4 mile sprint that completely empties your tank. There's a reason why most participants say, "this is the toughest race I've ever completed!" If you do well and land in the top 8 of your division, you'll move on to the second round to compete for first place.

Some of our signature obstacles:

  • Farmer's walks 20 yards (males 140lbs, females 100lbs)
  • Sled pull/push 10 yards (males 180lbs, females 100lbs)
  • Monkey bars
  • 4 ft Marine Hurdles 
  • Tire Runs
  • Tire Flips (190lbs; males 20x, females 10x)
  • Pipe Crawl
  • 5ft wall climb
  • 8ft wall climb
  • 10ft cargo net climb
  • 10ft Inverted Wall
  • Heavy Pallet Drags
  • Sandbag carry 20 yards (males 70lbs, females 35lbs)
  • 1/4 mile sprint

Average time to complete the course: 9 min.

HITMAN course and obstacles